Home is Where the Party Is

It was only a matter of time. A few weeks really. Before our house became a place to party. We knew we wanted a home that could have people over and we could be hospitable. And that we did!

We hosted a housewarming party for our new place. We invited all the staff & volunteers, all the students & guests from the ministry, and even some outside friends we’d made, like our language tutor and landlord. And I think about 50 people showed up! It was amazing.

Together, we ate SO MUCH FOOD. We wanted to blend our American party culture with Indonesian party culture. So we had one of our friends that was once a caterer put together an elaborate Indonesian dish called nasi tumpeng. It was a huge cone of yellow rice, which was surrounded by side dishes like chicken satay, cooked vegetables, fried noodles, scrambled eggs, fried mashed potato balls, and fried sweet soybeans. It was absolutely delicious.

We swam and just hung out. It was a great chance to get to know our new friends outside of a work or ministry setting. We showed our wedding video and looked at travel photos. We just got to be together.

One thing we knew we wanted at our party was worship & prayer. We wanted to thank God for our house and dedicate this new place to the Lord. What began as a simple worship song became a loud worship dance party. We were singing and shouting and having a great time. I’m not sure how our neighbors felt, but no one complained. We were able to pray over the house and over us. We declared our home would be a place of hospitality and of joy. It was a powerful evening. 

Here’s just a quick video that shows some of the party fun! Can’t wait for the next one!