Are you passionate about ending human trafficking too? Do you want to see modern-day slavery erased from our world? Here's some resources & ideas that we have put together on how you, your friends, your family, or your church can start in the fight against trafficking, today!

Prayer Map of Bangkok

Prayer Map of Bangkok



Reputable organizations for information, stories & to support:

Ministry/Involvement ideas:

Get God’s heart for the issue:

  • Do a focused Bible study on justice & righteousness, on the vulnerable, on slavery
  • Meditate on passages of justice in the Bible [Luke 10:30-37, Isaiah 61, Psalm 10, etc...]
  • Attend a Christian anti-trafficking conference
  • Prayer walk through red light districts
  • Be creative! Hand out flowers to women in prostitution, buy hot chocolate or coffee with the clients or pimps, etc…
  • Prayer walk through slum regions
  • Prayer walk through areas of transport [bus stations, train stations, airports, etc..]

Awareness to those who may encounter victims: [signs, flyers, handouts, seminars, conferences]

Educate others who are vulnerable: [best done through on-going relationships with these groups of people, a regular relational outreach that leads to conversation on trafficking, faith, etc…]

  • Women in prostitution
  • Women in sex work [strip clubs, porn industry, etc…]
  • Homeless
  • Street kids
  • Refugees
  • Migrant workers

Special events: [sometimes large events, like sporting events or conferences can increase a demand for trafficking]

  • Awareness targeting these events
  • Observation on the streets to report tips to hotline, to law enforcement
  • Prayer

International short-term mission trips for global perspective:

  • Tamar Center in Pattaya, Thailand
  • AIM in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Nightlight in Bangkok, Thailand
  • YWAM Justice Discipleship Training School [multiple locations]

Things to consider….

  • Contributors to trafficking: Greed, Lust, Poverty
  • Biblical justice is not limited to the women & children or the victims.
  • God’s love extends to the traffickers, the pimps, and the clients just as much as it extends to the victims.
  • Labor trafficking is actually more prevalent than sex trafficking in the US
  • Buy fair trade
  • Research your purchases - who makes it and how
  • Support ethical businesses
  • Start a business that employ the vulnerable
  • True justice that lasts, begins and ends with Jesus.